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Design your own 'Mr' Mug

Create your very own 'Mr' character from scratch and have it printed on a mug for just £22.99 (this includes the mug, design fee and shipping) just complete these 3 simple steps:

  1. Complete ALL of the options to the right (select 'none' where required)
  2. Choose a character name (we will add this on 1 or 2 lines depending on the length)
  3. Enter any alternative colours/hairstyles/items etc in the additional features box


Terms and Conditions:

  • The optional extras to add are for simple add on items such as an additional item of clothing, accessories, food and drink or other small objects as the character is the main feature, so requests such as 'a car' etc cannot be added. We also have to adhere to copyright laws so any official Mr or Little Miss character names cannot be used, and if you asked for a Manchester United scarf for example we could add a red scarf with 'United' on but could no refer to Manchester United. If there are any potential copyright issues with the items listed we will contact you before designing. 
  • This price is for the design fee and item only, if you would like to order a multiple using the same design (i.e. keyring and mug) you will only pay the design fee once, just make sure you select the correct item on the 'Design Your Own Mr Character' page as they are listed as multiple item bundles on there. 
  • The design fee is non-refundable as this is a service in addition to the products. 
  • Whilst we have a wide range of offensive and adult themed products, we still have restrictions in regard to racial hatred/religion and certain other areas and reserve the right to cancel/refund any requests which we feel have broken this rule. 
  • Upon receipt of the completed order, design timescales of 1-3 working days will be in addition to standard shipping timescales. We will forward the design by email prior to printing and once confirmed we will print the item.  If no response is recieved we will print after 48 hours regardless and no refund or edits can be made after this stage in the process.
  • Any created design is copyrighted and owned by and ownership is NOT transferred upon purchase, the rights are owned by and any reproduction or replication of the design is prohibited.
  • Digitaltooning reserve the right to edit/recreate the original design after purchase for other alternative characters which may be added for general website sale, including the use of the same character/name should we feel it may be commercially viable.
  • After the initial design/product purchase we will keep the newly created design on file for 3 months, any additional products featuring this design will need to be purchased within this time. If an item using this design is required again after this date it will require a new 'Design your own' purchase to be completed. 

Design your own 'Mr' Mug

Character Colour
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